Knysna Families in Need (NPO 193-805) is a long term project started for the many families who have lost their homes and businesses in the devastating fires of June 2017.

Over 846 homes were destroyed in the fires (including 150 informal settlements).

Families are either sharing with friend / family, sleeping in tents, schools or renting temporary holiday accommodation.

South Africans have done an incredible job by rallying support and donating immediate aid items such as clothing, food & blankets. The support is now starting to die down slowly, when in fact, this is the time where Knysna needs you more than ever. The rebuilding process will take months, if not years. There are many families with no insurance, or major gaps and shortfalls in their insurance. They need LONG TERM support and assistance to help get them back on their feet!

Knysna Families in Need (NPO 193-805) are a group of Knysna Residents assisting those directly affected by the fires. We are primarily assisting the uninsured, middle class gap which are receiving the least amount of support. The insured will be able to rebuild, the informal settlements will have new formal structures built for them. The uninsured and under insured will need the long term support that we want to be able to offer.

We have started 3 projects to help achieve this!! See below...

Knysna Families in Need is a registered NPO (193-805) and all activity and funding is 100% transparent and fully audited by Michaelides Parker Kretzmann Inc.
A massive THANK YOU to Aramex George for being an incredibly reliable and helpful means of transportation for donations coming in to Knysna.